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                 Apitherapy refers to utilising everything that comes from a bee including honey, royal jelly, pollen, propolis and bee venom for healing. It's not clear as to when bee venom therapy began, but honey and other bee related therapies began in ancient Egypt, China and Greece. The healing properties of honey, in particular, have ever been included in various religious texts including Al-Qur'an, the Bible and the Vedas. The use of bee venom can be traced back to an article titled Report About a Peculiar Connection Between the Bee stings and Rheumatism in 1888 by Austrian physician Philip Terc. 

         Bee venom therapy, however, is the brainchild of a beekeeper from Vermont, USA, Charles Mraz (1905-1999) . This therapy has been heavily researched, documented and published with various positive effects in treating patients with chronic rheumatism, autoimmune diseases and multiple sclerosis. The principal active component of bee venom is melittin, a powerful anti inflammatory substance said to be 100 times more potent hydrocortisone.

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