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How to find the right job

                Most people go through life harbouring hopes of eventually finding the perfect or ideal job.While some achieve this successfully, most people settle on holding down a job that pays the bills and provide some degree of satisfaction. However, human resource and leadership expert say slight changes in the way you approach the job market and position yourself can help you land the right job.
              If your and goal is to be the chief financial officer or CEO of a multinational company, it is easy to determine the skill sets you will need to gain such a position. To be a CEO in 15 years, you need to indentify the gaps and skill areas you will need and look for exponentially challenging jobs or roles that allow you to learn or improve on those skills and accelerate you career growth. If your end goal is to be a good parent who earns a  salary, then the roles you take on should be alligned with that goal.
              The road to finding the right  career begin with the drafting of a simple plan that indentifies the type of jobs that best suit your capabilities and passion. Once you have identified the industry  or companies you would like to work in, look through recruitment advertisements in newpapers or online. Match the job requirements with your traits, capabilities and technical skills. Shortlist and apply for the job that you feel you will have a greater rate of getting.


1. Find your passion.

A fresh graduate entering the workforce should ideally be clear about his/her career goals before taking on his/her first job. Choose the right career goal and match with your passion. What excites, energises or makes you happy? Finding your passion is the key to success. This is not an easy process.
2. Test your options.
Choose a company that provide the best management training programme which can help to develop your skill in a multiple ways, providing a good starting ground. Programmes that offer rotational stints in various departments or business units, networking opportunities that include mentorship programmes with senior management(which is important for future growth and promotions), training for functional/technical skills, leadership development and project management. 
3. Build a desire to succeed.
Finding the right job depends on the graduate's views and perceptions. The true test of a new employee's capabilities is in the first three months,where he/she is given tasks to prove his mettle and stand out from the others. The first six months will be a steep learning curve, so learn to adopt,adapt and approach expectations with a desire to suceed.
4. Stay relevant.
Fresh graduates who have not abtained employment within six months of graduation to shift their mindset towards looking for a job that allow he/she to gain experience and knowledge.This is to ensure that they stay relevant in the job market, meet industry needs and are still marketable. While many secure a job within three month of graduation, a typical duration from application of job(s), attending interviews and an offer of employment  should take no longer than six months.
5. Be realistic.
Last but not least, fresh graduates need to be realistic about what they expect to achieve, their capabilities and the commensure rewards and salary scale in the industry they are interested in.  Another important aspect is to understand the industry standards or market rate.

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