Ahad, 15 Julai 2012

How to earn money with PROSPERENT

             Prosperent is one of the fastest growing performance advertising networks.How to earn money with PROSPERENT?. They collaborate with some of the world's largest merchant, i.e : Dell, Gap, Banana Republic, Best Buy, Reebok, Walgreens, QVC, HSN, Overstock.com and thousands more...             

            It free to join them and a very simple and easy, simple ,targeted,profitable and dynamic ads unit. After register with them you just need to select what kind of ads unit and how does the ads look in your site. Copy and paste the code in your site or blog and done !.
How do we get paid ??

             Prosperent pays publishers net30 which means we pay you 30 days after commission event takes place. This gives merchants time to see if a product is returned, or otherwise needs to be delayed for whatever reason..

For more info click on the link below :


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