Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

We,ourself and us

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We was born in this world with an ability to learn and mesmerizes everything that we gone through day by day. Our creator promise heaven when we died, a destination that only we can go when we died. No living human had ever reach there. We love every thing's that we like. Our soul are like a wind, doesn't exist physically but we can feel it's inside every one of us. Our mind is unlimited so that we can thinks and act toward any activities that we face in every single moment in our daily life.Our brain is a powerful storage which contain a billion of active cell's placed inside our skull, it a place where we save all our past memories and recall it back when we need it.
We wake up in the morning and plan what we are going to do. Breakfast, watch tv, kiss someone that we love, do our hobby, drive a car , take a bath and so on . It a continuously activities between logic, sense and our past memories and we do it till we die. We do something and even sacrifice for it because we believe it a good and logic decision for us. In some cases we denies the fact and the truth which resulting a sad or bad ending.
As we know there are no human being that are perfect from any aspect but we can improve ourselves day by day and step by step.