Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

People says, ask and whatever?

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Why don't you quit smoking?.
Can you just stop tapping your finger on your phone? Do something else!.
Please pick me up ! and send me to blablabla...
Can you do this for me? I m your master....obey me or I kick ur a**.
Congratulation! You got 966 free mms for 24 hours period. 'Telco'..What the h**k I'm going to do with 966 mms in 24 hours? Hidden within ...please top up and top up! I want your money.
Nothing come for free nowdays...even if your died. P.O.D

Free web application for mobile phone.

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Here is some of the (recommended) Website that I regularly use to downloads application for my phone(s) :
Mobile9  is the most regular website that I use to downloads new movie trailer ( MP4,MPG and other format), theme, wallpaper and so on. Fast download (recommended).
Mp3raid  is one of the website that I use for downloads a song for my phone(s). Good song quality and easy to use.
Opera10  web browser is one of the latest and most convenience and easy to use web browser mobile phone(s).