Khamis, 26 Ogos 2010

The journey.

Label :
It tooks a lot of courage to keep me fit in this journey. A very long and tough war between me and a brutal enemy,a kind of enemy who know nothing about mercy.
I'm sorrounded in a valley of death, full of bobby trap,mine and hiding enemy that going to put a bullet through my head. I rather kill myself from being captured and tortured by them.
Without rest and eat, I keep moving toward the objective of the mission. I'm almost there,just a few yard a head. Zzzuupp...I can feel an hard hot iron break through my skull...Sniper got me.

Selasa, 24 Ogos 2010

Never too late..

Label :
I can't see or smell where this road would end. It nearly the end but I'm not yet there.