Sabtu, 24 Julai 2010

Free my mind and soul..

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        Work make me stress sometimes, especially when working for a long period of time.
When arrived at home , first thing's in my mind would be a hot tea  before bath. Tea help me to relax my mind, I like tea because it refreshing taste.
                           Before bed time, I will spend around 10 minutes listening to a song. Simple yoga and breathing technic also help me to relax my mind. Breathing technic that I alway use is a very simple one, take a deep breath and hold it for 10 second. I will repeat that step for 10 time or more. 
                           Thing's that I frequently notice when I feel stress is that my breathing. Why? I breath less because stress and I feel like suffocating.

Ahad, 18 Julai 2010

Head to head collision..

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Yesterday night I received a call from  a friend of mine,he inform me about an accident involving our colleaque infront of the Stutong Baru petrol station/not far form 1 TJ.
When I arrived at the scene, I notice that the car belong to my friend were badly damage at the front. Her hubby were still stuck on driver bay . The rescue personal  take around 15 minute to release him, thanks a lot for them.
Friend of mine ( wife) already being pull from the car and lying  on the ground shocking,I hold her hand and try to calm her down.  Ambulance came a moment after that and  admit both of them to the SGH.
I ask from one my colleque who were there before me and he said that the other car(proton type) were trying to overtake a car infront  but it didn't make it and boomm....head on head collision with my colleque car. the driver escape unhurt. " his car got airbag maaa " my colleque reply.