Jumaat, 14 Mei 2010

Free application...

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I want to share my experience about "free application" on the net.

First of all, I am googling for an application that suit for my phone(S). Like usual, hundred of it appears on my search results.

Choosing the right one is easy, normally I will read the review b4 click on the link.

After reaching those site, Woww.... a lot of cool games, software and tools that I m looking for.

Next step would be easy, just hit the downloading button and it done...that is in my mind. Free and easy.But i m wrong..

It not like what i m thinking, I have to wait, Application required key to run,File corrupted,filenot supported,File fail to run,Application not suitable, arghhhh....

Free doesn,t means you can get it. It make me heat up, phone hang and wasting time.

Nothing free nowday...I mean on the net,if it free quality would be low and hard to get it run smoothly on my devices..

The funny part is there is a site that offer an anti virus that must be crack in order to run it...Lol..Could you believe that?