Isnin, 18 Januari 2010

January 2010

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I have plan so many thing for this month but it seem like the weather doesn't compromise with me. Keep looking for other side income beside working. I feel exhausted some time but i keep motivate myself inner side to be strong and focus on anything that i plan/do. Time doesn't wait for anybody and that why we often heard some say's " Oh , i don't have much time for that." I keep tell'in myself to stop dreaming and step my foot on the real world and start to do the real thing not a fantasy.

Anyway here is a website belong to nonprofit organization that help those who in need. ( In response to the earthquake relief effort in Haiti, has launch the Match for Haiti Campaign,where 20 US nonprofits with dedicated relief effort in Haiti have been selected to be eligible for matching grants.There are several Christian ministries that are eligible for the matching grants like, Catholic Reliefs Service,World Vision and Hope International. is an online platform that has processed over $17 million in donations to 4,907 US nonprofits,100% of your giving on the Match for Haiti Campaign will go to your designated nonprofit.

Psalm 70:5, "Yet I am poor and needy ; come quickly  to me, O God.You are my help and deliverer; O LORD, do not delay."