Selasa, 21 September 2010


                        Idea is like a computer software, it exist but not in a solid form.In order to make it real we must transfer that idea on a paper and then built it untill the idea become an end product or something that people can use.
                      Idea contribute a lot to help us today and make our life much easier than before. Among the greatest inventor that I admired are Alexander Graham Bell and Oliver and Wilbur Wright . All of them share their great and amazing story of success.  
                      Every end product, i.e= computer,telephone and vehicle or technology that we use today came from someone idea.  Sometimes the idea sound ridiculous and insane but we must remind ourself  that the sky is no more the limit's because we already step on the moon. So think outside the box, don't put any boundries or limit's in what we think or do.
                       Idea will remind an idea if we didn't do somethi'n about it. Who know your idea can be a greatest solution or a tools that can help people.

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