Khamis, 5 Ogos 2010

Three thing that matter.

Have we ever ask ourself, what kind of live we want ??
There are three kind of person in this world :
1. A person that thinking how to survive for every single day.
2. A person that seeking for comfort.
3. A person that plan for a freedom.
This three kind of person they talk about different topic between themself:
       No.1 will start a conversation about people around them,how people look?, how they  dress up? and talk about an event that take place around them. 
       No.2 will admire expensive thing's like car's, big house, branded watch and thing's that they thing will make them comfortable.They also
willing to pay a certain amount of money to watch thing's happen.
       No.3 is a kind of person that talk about idea, opportunity and plan for long term in their life. They do thing's that they like and turn it into somekind of source that will help them to achive a freedom in their life. They also don't like to waste time talking about people or watch thing's happen but they plan and make it happen.
    So choose wisely which one do we want ourself to be :
No.1 ?                     No.2 ?                               No.3?



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