Ahad, 15 Ogos 2010


  • MY IMaGInation.....


  •  I pictured in my mind, I'm using a high tech suit like the "Iron Man". Fly high in the sky, no traffic jam, fast and alone.
  • I owned a multi function vehicle with super high tech  gadget  which can fly like a stealth, swim like a shark and can be tranforms  like a "bumble bee".
  • I invent a multi purpose bag which can be tranform in to a laptop or anything that I want when I want it to.
  • I build a high tech house complete with automatic house keeper so that I can sped more time with my family no need to worry about breakfast,lunch or dinner,anti thief and soooo on.
  • I create a super duper effective medicine can can cure any sort of disease.

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