Selasa, 30 Mac 2010

modern car vs old skool one..

Either it a new or old but it still a car. it got 4 tyre, steering wheel and so on. What come in my mind is that nowday we can see there a lot of car that using a high tech electronic device intead of mechanical device.
20 year ago people talking about how cool if we can buy toyota  dx or whatever lah....but now we can see more futuristic car from design to the engine and safety. Upgrade but how about the effectiveness.Today car is more on electronic controll which help the driver to drive in a comfortable mode,from engine ,brake,window and many more.The question is ? Are this kind of electronic device use in the car are really safe for a long period of time or in a exreme condition.Not like carburator base engine, EFI is controll by a ECU which means it something

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