Jumaat, 4 September 2009

Annoying habits on the road..

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I have been driving for almost 7 year. Everyday while driving, I always notice an annoying habits among road users everywhere around the town. The most annoying habits that I hate most is not using indicators aka ..signal light when changing lane or enter a junction . Aggresive tailgating also annoying me plus blinking headlights. Based on the survey done by the Mufors , there are more than 15 annoying habits among road users nowday like beating traffic lights, driving above speed limits,illegal U-turns,jaywalking,haphazard parking and talking on the mobile phone while driving...wow! that amaze me...2 in 1. let make thing simple, why don't we change the annoying habits with a good one like tight on safety belt, turn on indicators, keep our distance while driving and use handfree device while talking on the phone when driving and so on...I just that simple and easy. Practice that and I believe we will be able to help reduce road accident and save life.
I would like to share this real story with all. Last few weeks, my uncle was involved in a self accident with his new bought car. During my visit to the hospital, I ask him how the story begin ? and he reply " Malam ya sebelum balik kampung aku ada minum sikit dengan dak kawan-kawan aku". clearly he state. adios....

Khamis, 3 September 2009

Give More Attention to Private Sector Workers.

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It payday ! that is a regular word that come out when it come to the end of the month. Unfortunately, i believe that magical word would not last for 10 days or maybe less.That is a normal situation that happen to the Private Sector Workers. Why is that kind of situation happen ? Well if we take a look closer with the increasing of today's standard of living and we will find the answer clearly. Our goverment must design a plan to help the Private Sector Workers from every aspect they could. Based on the Inspirational 1Malaysia slogan " Rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan" I hope Private Sector Workers will be given more attention by the goverment as a part of the concept together. adios....

Selasa, 1 September 2009

Donate to save life...

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Blood is the most important componen in our body. It doesn't matter whoever we are, our blood have one thing in common "RED", which is the colour. Nowdays, with the increasing of our population, our hospitals need a lot of blood quantity for surgery and so on.... That why it very important for every one of us to donate our blood to help maintain the quantity."Donate to save life".