Ahad, 24 Mei 2009


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What should u know about creating a good password?

Nowdays there a lot thing that we do require a password such as email,bank account and so on.
Creating a good and secure password is extremely important to protect us from
any kind of attacker. Here is some suggestion :
1. Mix numbers and letters.
2.Mnemonics and number in a word can be your best friend.
-A mnemonics is a formula or rhyme help u to remember:
Example of mnemonics are :

. My four cat are so cute when they're sleeping ( m4caswts)
. My anniversary is September 11 remember that date ( mais11rtd)
. My dog name is blackie and it was born on April 10 ( mdnibaiwboa10)

Try substituting letters for numbers ( or vice versa), such as : E equal 3, I equal 1, O equal 0(zero),for equal 4, wo equal 2, B equal 8, see or sea equal C, etc.for example:

. Use r3dj3110 instead of redjello substitute the E's with 3's)
. Use Bc11nt0n instead if bclinton ( substitute I with L & O with zero)

It is important to remember though, that any password can be guessed if given enough time.
Therefore, it is important to change your password within the amount of time it would take
an attacker to guess it. For example, with the previous example it may take an attacker 60 days on a very fast computer to guess them. In order to ensure your system's safety then, you must change password before 60 days come to an end.

" Don' t compromise on your safety."