Sabtu, 20 Disember 2008 s**k.

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Working for the whole day today make me tired and weak.A lot of thing to do and prepare at my workplace. It weekend!!!!!, time 2 relax and rest.It raining season now and a very perfect time
to stay at home and do whatever I like. I hate mr.stressy that why when it come to work , I always remind myself to be happy coz it give me motivation and keep my mind and body fresh everytime.I must quit from this ratrace and go to the fast track. I work 26 days in 1 month and
don't have much time for myself. Work s**k. Ok I feel better now...

.... ky...

Jumaat, 19 Disember 2008


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Isnin, 15 Disember 2008

Fascinating places in sarikei town

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Among one of the city located in SARAWAK. Presently Sarikei is not on the list of destinations for many tour operators and most inland excursions only pass through the town as a convenient stopover point. But all these will change with the upcoming developments planned for the area under the government's coastal belt economic development initiative, which see the transformation of the stretch of area into a vibrant zone for numerous activities. Meanwhile, the simple and easy going nature of the town provides visitors a unique opportunity to sample its charm.

Symbol of Sarikei Town (6728282471)
  symbol of sarikei town

Trips to fruit orchards in Sarikei are becoming popular for many local and foreign visitors with the acceleration of inland transportation beginning to make its presence felt in the state. As the main gateway to Sibu via road from Kuching, Sarikei can confidently look forward to greater developments, It's vast hinterland is an attraction for nature lovers as they can make short excursions to coastal villages and also interesting places near town.

The Lake Garden built in 1995 has become a favourite social gathering venue for the town's people in the evening for recreation and exercising. pleasant and relaxing to the eyes, the garden's vast stretch of water and surrounding landscape naturally makes it the choice for those seeking tranquility and calmness. Another favourite place is Taman Rimba Sebangkoi (Sebangkoi Forest Park),just 25 km from the town and served by the Sebangkoi Country Resort, which provides convenient hospitality facilities for visitors. The Sebangkoi Commercial Centre is some 14 km from Sarikei and serves as another venue for visitors to spend the night peacefully.

Pala Munsoh is a waterfall located about 45 minutes drive from the town with an extra 45 minutes of jungle trekking from the nearest lounges in the area. This cascading water feature attracts those who are into the great outdoors activities and has received its share of visitors. A more well known venue is Rentap memorial at Bukit Sibau,which is a day's journey away to Ulu Wuak, the nearest town. This small building serves as a reminder of the great urban warrior who fought against the first White Rajah of Sarawak during the early history of the state's march towards independence. The rebellion failed as the natives were no match for the superior guns and cannons of the British vessel which led eventually to the establishment of the reign of the White Rajahs in Sarawak.

Other interesting places for visitors to the area are found in the outlying towns surrounding Sarikei and most are easily accessible by road. It's a nice place to spend your holiday or vacation.

Ahad, 14 Disember 2008

Two side of the coin

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Everyday we make two kind of decision, it is NO or YES. For me before we proceed

with the decision the most important thing is to look deeper in to it. Study and make some analysis on the both side, pro and con,negative and positive,black and white and so on.

This is so important cause it will give effect and change our life. Some people they just jump to

the conclusion and they don't care about cause after that. Even a small tiny thing that you thing is not important can mess up the whole plan and you will regret it for all of your life.So be very careful when it to make decision and take care...