Sabtu, 6 Disember 2008

smoking..Why I could'nt stop ??

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I start smoking since i'm 15, I have try 2 quit for many2 time but it didn't work.
I feel like a dumb when i m not smoking and sometimes I dont know what to do without
it.The longest period i stop smoking is about 6 month n after that i started it again till
2day.Maybe some of u out there have any opinion or stories to share..about how to
quit that bad habit anyway...tq

Khamis, 4 Disember 2008


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Hye 2 all bloggers, I would like 2 share with U all about the beautiful and weird stuff about my village.Fresh water,fresh vegetable,long (gone) house,waterfall,caves n a lot mores...later on i will

put the visual  about all c u ... (:


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Hye 2 all bloggers, I like to share with all of u about the unique of my village. It situated about 60 km from the town. I love the environment,people and many...many things about my village.

Amongs the unique feature is waterfalls,padi farm, fresh vegetables and fresh water from the top of the mountain. There is also  a longs house in my village  about 30 m+- from the ground,which u can see a lot of weird stuff. The waterfalls is about 45 minutes if u walking (2 minutes if u can fly..hehe).Later on i will upload the picture about it. C u  again ala forever.